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Companionship Days are for sharing and meeting other Baba Lovers, and caring for our Centre. Please bring something to share for lunch and don't forget we now have a no shoes policy, so please bring slippers or socks with you.


A wonderful Babaful event was held on 25th February to celebrate Meher Baba's Birthday, around 40 people attended including 9 beautiful young children, which was Baba's surprise for us. We had films, music, circle dancing, a great raffle and the auction of Richard's painting of Baba raised £350.00 for the Centre.



Sunday 14th - 11am - 4.30 p.m.  Companionship Day


Morning Session 11.30: Unedited film footage of the 1962 East West Gathering in Poona, India.


12.30 pm Quiet time in Baba's room on the ground floor, followed by: Potluck lunch and raffle, please bring something to share,  items for the raffle are welcome, proceeds towards the Centre upkeep.


Afternoon Session 2.30 p.m: Caring for Baba's Treasures around the Globe.

Sue Chapman, who has worked with Baba's Archives in India, Avatar's Abode, Myrtle Beach and here in London would like to provide an overview of the archival work currently ongoing in these Centres.

She will also try to convey the significance of the act of preservation, both personally and collectively, as an aspect of Baba's manifestation, with Baba stories that illustrate His active presence in this international work.


Wednesday 24th 3pm - 4:30pm

This day is the 65th anniversary of Meher Baba's auto accident in Prague, Oklahoma. The Meher Baba Heartland Center invites all to join with them in repeating Meher Baba's name (Japa) which they will start at 5.00 am to noon local time.


The MBA will open the London Centre at 228 Hammersmith Grove at 3.00pm for an hour of Japa beginning at 3.30pm in the Quiet Room, on the ground floor, for all who would like to attend.


For further information about the Heartland Center go to:






Sunday 11th - 11am - 4.30 p.m.  Companionship Day


Morning Session 11.30:  A film of Mehera will be shown.


12.30 pm Quiet time in Baba's room on ground floor, followed by: Pot Luck lunch and raffle, please bring something to share, items for the raffle welcome, proceeds towards the Centre upkeep.


Afternoon Session 2.30 p.m: Connecting to the Divine Feminine through Colour

Please join Ann Bradbury-Brown (MIACT Colour Therapist/ writer and workshop facilitator for over 25 years) for an innovative and fun workshop exploring opening our hearts and connecting to each other, using colour, sound, movement and hand mudras.


Be prepared to experience a couple of hours of warmth and laughter. As we gently reveal our true inner beauty which is resting deep within us. This leads to a longer lasting sense of peace, love and fulfillment. Baba Himself said “True spirituality can be attained not by intellect but by heart and feeling - by inner experience”.


This workshop is the 2nd in a continuing series; the first took place on 22nd January 2017 at the Circle Center, which is run by Baba Lovers in Myrtle Beach.






Saturday 8th - 11am – 4.30 p.m.  Companionship Day


Morning Session 11.30am: A film


12.30 pm Quiet time in Baba's room on the ground floor, followed by: Pot luck lunch and raffle, please bring something to share, items for the raffle are welcome, proceeds towards the Centre upkeep.


Afternoon Session 2.30 pm: Keith Miles - My 50 years with Meher Baba.

Keith’s story is a fascinating and endearing tale of how Meher Baba helped him come closer to Him whilst accumulating an extensive library of books, journals and magazines by and about Meher Baba. Keith will share his thoughts and intuitions on these, including the books Baba had read to him by the Mandali.




Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd: Hafiz of Shiraz


Peter Booth, long time resident of Meherabad and Farsi speaker, presents ‘Hafiz of Shiraz’.


Introductory talk - Sat 22nd July, 1.30pm - 5.30pm at Temple Lodge, Hammersmith

and Sunday 23rd July, 11am-5pm at the Centre - deepening understanding of Hafiz and exploring different themes in his work.


Details to follow



After the main programme each month anyone who would like to can stay on to join in some Circle Dancing.

First Saturday of the Month Centre Opening begins on 3rd December.

Come and join us from 1pm - 4pm to spend time looking after the Centre and the garden, or help with the library - Please get involved and help upkeep the Centre and working for Baba.


Further events to be added ...


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If you would like to visit the London Centre outside of these meeting times, please email: or call 07990 619960 at least 3 days in advance of your expected trip, so that we can accommodate your request.



Meher Baba




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Regular Meetings

We are happy to announce that Anne Rivoire and Loutfia Solomonder will be opening the Baba Centre at 6:30pm on Thursday evenings

for readings from Lord Meher.

Reading commence 7:00 until 8:30

Please contact: Anne Rivoire to confirm in advance: 0207 487 4185



If you wish to visit the centre at times other than those advertised, please leave us a message on the answerphone,

or email us at:

Underground Stations:

Goldhawk Road or Hammersmith


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