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The London Meher Baba Centre urgently needs expensive archival storage facilities to preserve the many precious Baba artifacts in its possession. To help raise funds for this project, singer, songwriter and long-term Baba lover Billy Nicholls has produced this beautiful 14 track album and cover artwork at his own expense. Every penny raised from the sales of the CD will go towards the purchase of the much needed storage equipment. Details can be found on the UK Archive page.

Meher Baba CD front cover Meher Baba CD back cover

Track Listing



Everloving Arms 


Then I Saw White Horses


A Million Years


Love Finds You


Embrace The Mystery


Forever's No Time At All


Without Your Love 


Cave Cry (instrumental)


Portofino (instrumental)




Mystic Muse 


Guardian Angel


Heaven Come Quickly


Alone Again

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Billy Nicholls"When I heard of the urgent need to preserve Baba's possessions at the London Centre, I wanted to do something to help. What I do best is music, so putting together this CD was the obvious solution.


"Most of the tracks are from previous albums but there are some new tracks. 'Without Your Love' and 'Everloving Arms' are new recordings, as are the two 'Baba In Italy' film soundtrack takes. I have included these two tracks because of requests from many Baba lovers for instrumental music that can be used at meetings, slide shows, etc.


"It was very difficult choosing what to put on this album. Looking through all of my songs and recordings I soon became aware that the material written about Baba could easily fill several albums!  I hope you enjoy this selection. " -  Billy Nicholls

This cost of this CD is £10 - all of which will go towards the purchase of archival storage for the London Meher Baba Centre.


Post & Packing costs - for standard post - are as follows: UK: £1.10 - Mainland Europe: £1.55 - Rest of World: £2.25

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The CD can be purchased in person from the London Meher Baba Centre, or by (sterling) cheque from , please email for details.

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