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Dear Friends of Meher Baba,


Like any non-profit making charitable organisation the Meher Baba Association is sustained by the donations we kindly receive. Such donations help us to carry out charitable activities which include:


• The day-to-day expenses involved in the running of the Centre in London.


• The organising and funding of events and Sahavas, including the hiring of spaces, equipment and the expenses of guest speakers.


• Outreach work and exhibitions to bring Meher Baba's name and image to the wider public.


• The preservation of our archive collection.


In recent years a great deal of work has been done for the Meher Baba Association by a dedicated group of volunteers to ensure that the invaluable archive we presently have in the UK is cared for, preserved and displayed for future generations in the best ways possible (see the Archives section of this website for details).


This has so far cost a significant amount of money, and more will be needed in the near future to pay for specialist display and storage equipment. One way of playing a part in this essential archival work is of course, through giving. You can specify if you want to donate to archives using one of the options below.


Jai Meher Baba,


The Board of the Meher Baba Association

You can now donate online using your credit or debit card via PayPal. Just click the Donate button and then click on the link: 'add special instructions to the seller' to state what you would like to give to, ie: 'general' or 'archives'



You may choose to give on a monthly or quarterly basis via your bank or building society. Below you can download the STANDING ORDER MANDATE form containing the Meher Baba Association bank details. Please complete and take it to your bank or building society to start a standing order contribution.


If you are a UK tax payer, please download, complete, sign and return the GIFT AID FORM and we can, as a registered charity, claim back the tax on your donations at not extra expense to yourself.

To download forms:




GIFT AID FORM > click here


If you would like to make a Legacy Donation to the MBA, or the TRUST IN INDIA > click here


If you would like to make regular donations that go to the MEHER BABA TRUST IN INDIA > click here


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